Thursday, December 13, 2007


我先说一个:我有两个学生,很喜欢中国文化,当然也很喜欢用筷子(kuài zi),他们居然用筷子吃cereal. 你能吗?
Tell us a story related to your Chinese study.

Two students of mine are fond of Chinese culture, and love to use chopsticks, they even use chopsticks to eat cereals. can you do that?


Yueran said...

I use chopsticks for EVERYTHING i even have pretty ones :-)

Gaoxing said...

我 筷子 用 的 很 好.

xinsong said...

I can use anything smilar like chopsticks to eat any kind of food.

Anonymous said...

Wo xihuan yong kuaizi chi zhongguocai. Wode nuer ye xihuan.

Joseph said...

你好 吗?

I had a blog already, but I opened up a new one specifically to practice writing 中国话.

zhiqin said...

That is a little too much, isn't it...? I only use them when eating with my whole family, Chinese side.